Sleeping Mask

"Wearing a sleeping mask every night changed my entire sleep hygiene" 

If you are wondering, "Sleep hygiene" refers to a set of practices and habits that promote good sleep quality and help establish a consistent and healthy sleep routine. 

Now before you read the rest of the blog, answer the questions below for me:

WELL, let me tell you, last year I answered yes to every single one of those questions. I lived in a dorm with my roommate, which meant we shared a room. Now, it takes me a while to sleep if I'm actively trying to, meaning that either I pass out because I'm tired or I stay up until I become tired. 

Now, for most of us, we believe that you only really wear a sleeping mask if you are traveling in a plane maybe.... or there is distractions that are causing you to not fall asleep. AND YOU ARE RIGHT, but there are many hidden benefits for wearing them on a daily basis that are not talked enough about.